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How to maintain the stone TV background wall
Wax coating
Wax polishing of stone has been regarded as an effective maintenance method. However, people now find that this maintenance method has many drawbacks. First, the wax surface is sucked, and the treated ground always has a kind of gray. The feeling of ignorance and the pedestrians will leave clear footprints; second, the wax layer closes the pores of the stone, the moisture inside the stone cannot penetrate, causing yellowing and looseness of the stone; third, the texture of the wax layer is better. It is soft and easy to be worn, so it can not really meet the requirements of protecting the stone, and it is frequently waxed, waxed and polished, and the workload is large.
2. Recrystallization treatment
The recrystallization treatment of stone is a kind of stone maintenance method which is introduced into Europe and popular in Europe. This maintenance method uses a system called stone recrystallization. This system has two parts, one part refers to the mechanical tool part. The other part refers to some special chemical materials; the chemical materials are also divided into two categories: one is the granite recrystallization system, and the other is the marble recrystallization system. Its basic principle is to combine some of the chemical-specific materials under the action of mechanical friction with the heat generated by friction, and the structure and structure of the stone surface layer and micro-rheological reaction, resulting in a new texture of harder and brighter blending. The crystal layer, using these stone recrystallization systems to maintain the granite and marble walls, can make the stone wall surface bright, fresh & natural. For marble, it also improves the wear resistance of its surface. Keep its gloss more durable. In general, it is ok to do such maintenance in the granite wall for two years. However, due to the difference in texture of the marble wall, it is generally necessary to do such maintenance for about 2 months, but the specific time depends on the degree of wear on the marble surface.
In short, the cleaning and care of stone is of great significance for maintaining the decorative effect of stone and fully reflecting the natural beauty of stone. Practitioners must establish a scientific and rigorous working attitude.
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