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How to scientifically wax the stone floor?
First, the purpose and role of floor waxing:
(1) increase the smoothness of the ground and enhance the aesthetics;
(2) Protect the ground from wear and tear, extend the service life of the stone, and increase the value of the property;
(3) It is convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance.
Second, the nature and role of wax water:
A, the role of the surface wax: the surface wax is hard, the surface wax will produce a strong protective film on the ground to protect the ground; the surface wax will enhance the brightness of the ground.
B, the role of the bottom wax: the bottom wax is soft; the bottom wax can seal the cracks and pores on the floor to prevent moisture from seeping into the floor; the most important use of the bottom wax is that it can effectively adhere the wax to the ground. Together, increase the adhesion of the face wax.
Third, the use of commonly used wax water:
Dedicated to waxing on wooden floors to increase and maintain the luster of wooden floors.
1, face wax
Suitable for marble, marble, granite
2, spray cleaning wax
Daily maintenance for stone floor wax surface
3, furniture maintenance wax
Suitable for all kinds of surface maintenance such as furniture, leather, office appliances.
4, sealing wax
Suitable for terrazzo, marble, marble, granite and other stone floors
5, no wipes
Applicable to plastic floor, wooden floor, etc., no need for special high-speed polishing machine for high-speed polishing, can be used for low-speed polishing with a single wiper.
Fourth, the daily care and maintenance methods of wax noodles:
After waxing, in the daily cleaning and maintenance process, the waxed ground should be treated to maintain the wax surface durability and brightness. Otherwise, the wax surface will be quickly worn or lose the applied gloss due to damage. Therefore, it is especially important for the daily care and maintenance of wax face.
1. Ground dust: Every time (depending on the flow of people), dust is pushed by dust to remove dust and sand from the ground.
2. In addition to sewage stains: water stains and stains are found to be wiped off with a mop or towel.
3. High-speed jet polishing: Polish the wax surface with high-speed polishing machine every day or every week (depending on the flow of people).
4. Wax surface repair: lightly wash the parts that are easily worn (after neutralizing the neutral detergent with a ratio of 1:50, use a scrubber with a white or red scouring pad to gently scrub the ground), then 1 -2 layer wax.
5. Reasons for common wax surface damage. Reasons for streaks on wax surface:
1. Before applying wax, the drag is not enough, and the wax is wet and dry;
2, the wax surface has fine lines or hair;
3, the wax surface is too fast, using a hair dryer that is too strong.
Wax surface brightness is not enough reason:
1, related to the color of the stone, causing a visual illusion;
2, the number of waxing layers is too small;
3. When the wax is waxed, the wax is too thick, causing the ground to lose its original luster;
4, the wax is too dirty, there are stains;
5, the wax surface is not dry, the second time the wax.
There are blisters on the wax surface, fish scales, white wax surface, and wax surface.
1. Inadvertently mixing the detergent ingredients in the wax water or dragging the same time for too long, causing the wax water to foam, and the wax surface will have water spots after drying;
2, the end of the ground before waxing, residual moisture;
3, no wax after maintenance, there are residual wax water and detergent on the ground;
4, there is water immersion for a long time;
5, the maintenance of the wrong use of cleaning agent to make the wax surface corrosion by alkali;
6, wax water deterioration.
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