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Stone surface paving and maintenance
Stones with natural patterns and beautiful colors provide interior designers with a wide range of creative elements. In home decoration, more and more people hope to use some natural stone to increase the taste of Park. Compared with other building materials, stone is very particular about the selection, paving and post-maintenance. If you don't pay attention, the stone can't show the beauty it deserves.
The quality of natural stone depends on the quality and processing technology of the block. The high-quality stone surface does not contain too much variegated cloth color, and there is no situation of faint and faint, and the quality of the stone will not be compensated after processing.
The pattern color of the stone surface is an important indicator to evaluate the quality of the stone. If the processing technology and process are not closed, the finished product will have warpage, dents, stains, stains, missing corners, cracks, color lines, pits, etc. This kind of stone is certainly not a "top grade". .
According to the person who specializes in selling imported stone, the high-quality natural stone should be neat and tidy without cutting corners. The surface is smooth and bright, and the hand touch is not rough.
Floor decoration to avoid "dark and dark"
The home decoration uses stone, do not make the home "dark and dark", should choose those light color stone as the floor decoration material, can give people a warm, quiet feeling, but also the effect of expanding the floor area.
From the variety, we should try to choose marble and granite stone that is wear-resistant, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant. From the price point of view, the light-colored granite series with large output is relatively cheap, suitable for general income families to purchase, and replace the damaged parts as well as ingredients. In terms of sheet metal specifications, the granite floor should be selected as much as possible (8 to 12 mm), which is mainly considering the strength of the ground and the bearing capacity of the house.
The color of the countertop should be dirty
Stone decoration products enter the family, more are made into the countertops of all kinds of furniture, which must take into account the pollution problem, so we should choose the stone with deeper colors, like the marble, granite of green, blue and red series. The varieties with large patterns in marble will have a better decorative effect.
For the kitchen countertops, if you need to use stone, you should choose 25mm thick plates, preferably granite. Because granite is durable and radiant in the kitchen's excessive acid and alkali environment, it has a fairly high strength.
There is a set of paving maintenance
Because decorative stone is a natural product, the pattern and color characteristics of each piece of plate are different. It is necessary to make the pattern and color gradually extend and transition through the mosaic (color), in order to achieve the overall color harmony. Once the color is spelled, it should be numbered immediately so that it can be placed in place during installation. The number can be directly written on the board surface by sticking the label or using wood crayons, but it is forbidden to use the liquid color pen to write the mark on the stone surface. Otherwise, the colored liquid will penetrate into the stone, leaving traces that cannot be wiped off.
When installing, first apply a layer of clear cement slurry on the floor, then use 1:2.5 cement mortar as the bottom layer, and tamping the leveling, and then pour the cement to paste the stone.
The thickness of the base layer is preferably not less than 20 mm. Do not walk or press heavy objects within 8 hours after paving the stone to avoid empty shells or unevenness. At the same time, it must be noted that some imported stone has a plastic network attached to the back, and the sheet network must be torn off before installation.
After the renovation, it is best to use a white car wax to apply a thin layer on the stone veneer for maintenance, and then scrub once every two weeks.
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